The Kings, Queens, and Everything In-Between

Fifth annual Mirage event highlights drag racing and sheds positive light on LGBTQ+ community   Iowa City, IOWA: In a room full of colorful wigs, high heels, sequenced jumpsuits and dresses sits twenty-three-year-old King Edqux Robinson.  Although the scene may appear as a young man playing in his mother’s closet, this is not the case.  King, [...]


Minority Cultural Centers Impacted By Hateful Flyers

Student workers share the importance of minority cultural centers on campus Iowa City, IOWA : Within the past few weeks, minority students on the University of Iowa campus have felt targeted by propaganda distributed by an organization called "The Right Stuff".  This organization, which is openly hateful towards the LGTBQ+ community and other minority groups, recently [...]

“Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table.”

  The university reacts to the outcries of minorities and works on a more welcoming environment on campus IOWA CITY, Iowa. Race, stereotyping, and microagressions are issues seen everywhere from the media to one’s daily life.  Minorities at the University of Iowa recently opened up about times where they felt attacked, unwanted, and misunderstood.  With the [...]