Walk It Out 2018



Students and other community members quickly filled the Main Lounge in the Iowa Memorial Union this evening to attend the Walk It Out Fashion Show.  

Stand up (Mikhayla): “Seven different cultural groups will model pieces and perform dances to celebrate the different cultures of the world.  The event has been very successful in years past, with tonight marking it’s 9th year.”

Over 500 people come each year to support over 100 models.  And after months of preparation, Executive chair Shemaa Dafalla says that a filled room is about much more than just fashion.

Shemaa: “It gives a lot of people, even though they are minorities, on campus, a space to express who they are, and to show their friends who they are, and that brings them and their family members close, so it’s just a safe space.

The seven groups include South Asia and East Asia, who graced the stage with traditional pieces and performances.    

The Middle East brought energy and unity,  and so did Africa. Latin America used their time to advocate for Dreamers and immigration rights, and received a standing ovation.

LGTBQ encouraged people to act up, and speak out against hate, while the Hip-Hop group shed light on police brutality and misconceptions about African Americans.

Africa group member Donovan Roberts said that these events are important for understanding minority students.  

Roberts: “There’s a misconception about the type of people that embody these different cultures. So these events help people understand people on a different level.”

Dafalla: “it’s important because it shows a realistic view of who multicultural people are, and not just what the media shows because sometimes it is not necessarily true.”

A show that is making a change. Reporting from the University of Iowa, this is Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw with DITV.

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