Social Media Tips For Titleholders

Social Media – It is both a curse and a blessing

in our lives.

It can suck up our time, and become a mindless activity. It can cause drama, raise questions and even break up relationships.

BUT, social media can also be an extremely useful and impactful tool when wanting to share a message, create a network of people with similar interests – and, keep Aunt Sally from Virginia up to date on your newest adventures.

As titleholders – on the local, state and national levels, we are encouraged to share our journies via social media, so that our community (and, even our judges) can see what we have accomplished with our titles. What is more important than obtaining and holding a title is what you actually do with it – how you use the crown as a tool to help others – how you use the crown to make a name for yourself and your cause – all, while simultaneously understanding that your title is bigger than yourself. (Easy, right?)

Throughout my year, I have been able to grow my social media accounts (granted, I am no Kylie Jenner) in a way that is true to myself, while also projecting a message of what it is really like to be Miss Iowa – not just what people “think” Miss Iowa does. I will share my methods for thanking sponsors, my go-to editing apps, and easy ways to come up with funny, authentic with a hint of inspiring captions.

Here are some social media guidelines I follow:

How to show your sponsors Love:

  • Always tag your sponsor in one or more ways!
    • For example, tag them in the photo and mention them in the caption
    • If your sponsor (hair, clothing, etc.) gives you a product, tag the product company, too!


  • Make a post anytime your sponsor does something for you. Whether it’s a service, product, or something else entirely. Acknowledging them is important
  • Keep your posts genuine. Remember to be you when you are writing your posts. People want to get to know YOU. Every post doesn’t need to be a drawn-out thank you. Something as simple as “Loving my new doo from @Purehairstudio563” or “Nothing saves my life when I wake up late like this Hair Refresher. Thanks @Purehairstudio563” can do the trick!
  • Use actual posts, not JUST Instagram stories, to thank your sponsors! (Stories disappear). This doesn’t mean don’t do fun things in your stories with your sponsors, but make sure they make it to the grid and feed, too.
  • Try using more than one avenue when creating posts. Pair Facebook and Instagram posts to get your message out farther! Twitter if it feels right. Snapchat can be fun for a “day in the life of ___” kind of feel.

When you’re visiting a sponsor, give them a shout out! Show off your look with a cute photo. It’s okay to get creative (and weird with it, too.)

  • Mention your sponsors by name! It makes them feel special, and also shows the strong relationships that our program builds with local businesses.

Post ideas

  1. A selfie with your sponsor
  2. Boomerang using your product or showing off a service
  3. A glam shot after your visit
  4. A picture of your crown with the logo, product, etc.
  5. Funny moments
  6. Explain why you love the product or service to your fans

Getting GREAT appearance photos:

If you are anything like me while you are at an appearance – you are AT an appearance. Being present is when the best memories as a titleholder are made. Nothing says, “Wow, I do not want to be here and I could care less about what you have to say!” than being on your phone at an appearance.

And, if this is not your first rodeo at Miss Iowa, you will know that our board and volunteers highly encourage us to stay off of our phones during Miss Iowa week activities.

Nonetheless, we live in an era where our appearances photos are important to our online presence.

So, if you are like me – again – you forget to take photos at your appearance until the end, and you are stuck with very posed photos, that can start to feel very repetitive as you journey through your year of service. How can we do better?

  1. Think about the types of photos that you enjoy seeing on social media. Try to draw inspiration from other state titleholders or your favorite bloggers.
  2. Try to get photos of you while you are doing the appearance. Are you separating clothes at a shelter? Visiting a school and talking with kiddos? Doing a meet and greet at a community event? Getting photos of you while you are engaged in these activities. Candids are more interesting.
  3. If you do not have a travel companion with you for the event, find a promising attendee to be your “personal photographer”. Tell them the images you would like to have at the end of the appearance. They will feel so special and will help you capture the event without personally being tied to your phone.

blog post 1blog post 2blog post 3blog post 4

The art of a good caption:

Get creative. Not every caption has to be this big, inspirational gesture. Sure, there will be times where you need to make a more in-depth post, but sometimes it’s more eye-catching to be witty and short with your captions. Think about the cute things that a kid said to you about being a “real-life-princess” – the funniest question you got asked – how you feel leaving the event.

The apps that make the world (or Instagram) go ’round.

Facetune – transform your photos in minutes. This baby is a life-saver. 

Kira Kira – for the sparkles!!!



Makeup Plus – for when you need to fake a beat. 



Be authentic. Be you. People want to get to know you. Don’t be someone you aren’t to please those who don’t know you. Make people want to know you, for you.


Sending all my love. Let’s go create some dope content! XOXO.